What People Are Saying

We hold the highest standards for service. Our clients are our best source of ideas for ways to increase that service. We ask for oral and written feedback after each tour, and take action on every suggestion. Similarly, we want to know what we are doing right.

Comments From Clients

"It was an awesome trip! The best band trip in my 14 years of teaching (and many band trips). You listen to our requests and know how to design a successful, fun, educational, and ‘kid-friendly’ trip!!" (Band director)

"Attention to detail was excellent, flexibility great. Thanks very much from all of us! Even the students were impressed!" (Concert band director)

"Your availability to answer questions at all hours of the night is amazing. You understand what students like. We had the perfect balance between free time, organized activities, and performances. Organizational skills in setting up the tour were great. Many students said this was the best trip ever. They are more cohesive as a group, and are playing better now after tour! Thanks for your flexibility and helpfulness!" (Orchestra director)

Comments From Students

"Thanks for everything. I could KISS you! Thanks for the good times in Jersey and the city. This tour has been absolutely wonderful. We have all had such a fantastic time and we really enjoyed everywhere that we went. Thank you so much for organizing everything and helping us get to everywhere we needed to go. We truly appreciate all that you’ve done for our group." (Choir students)

"Thanks for working so hard!" "You kept us going together!" "Thanks for taking time so we could have fun." "Thanks so much for planning the trip. I had a lot of fun." "The efforts that you put in to find alternatives to deal with the rain were great. Thanks." "Thanks for planning and improvising the trip." "Thanks for being a great tour guide!" "Thanks for doing so much for us!" "Thanks for helping us do everything we needed and wanted to do."
(Band students)

"I had the greatest time of my life." "The past 4 years have been great. Thanks." "Thanks for all 4 trips (Boston, Toronto, San Antonio, and Orlando)." "You’re the best!" "Thanks for all the fun and great times." "Hey, Travel Dude! Thanks for the memories!" (Choir students)

Comments From Parents

"I have great memories from our summer trip to Philly and Washington. Thank you for all you did to make it a great and memorable trip. We really liked meeting you and spending time with you." (Marching band parent)

"Thank you for all of your extra work during our trip! Thank you for always being optimistic! You are a very kind and giving person—the kids loved you! I would love to take a trip with you again when my younger daughter comes through the high school!" (Marching band parent)

"My kids have gone on so many trips, and this is by far the most organized takeoff." "I’ve been watching you and you have everything under control."(Concert band parents)

Comments From Performing Venues

"It was a wonderful morning filled with musical fun. Our residents enjoyed the musical selections performed by the band. We appreciate your contribution and time spent in providing a quality and therapeutic program for our residents. We look forward to your next visit." (Medical center director)

"These groups are very lucky to have you as tour manager. Having been on numerous Pops tours, I have witnessed first-hand the endless work that tour managing involves. You work very hard and put so much intellectual and creative energy into your work." (Boston Pops violinist)

"Performance Tours is the most organized and easy to work with." (Festival company owner)